Lake Nakuru National Park

Spot thousands of flamingos and many other animals

Lake Nakuru in Kenya is best known for the thousands of flamingos that come to look for food here, turning the lake into something more like a pink sea. These birds draw predators, but you could also spot a rhino, for example.

Lake Nakuru is one of the famous lakes in the East African Rift, as this part of Africa is also known as. It’s an important place for many animals, some only come for a drink, others live around the lake.

What animals can I see at Lake Nakuru?

The most exciting reason to visit this lake are the thousands of flamingos that come to look for food here. They attract predators, who come to see if they can catch themselves a nice meal too. This cycle gives a great idea of how nature works…

White rhino at Lake Nakuru.

If you’re lucky, you might see a rhino too. Baboons are also often spotted here, as are waterbuck, zebras and giraffes. In the early morning you could see a hyena as well. But the stars of the show are the colourful flamingos.

The wonderful Lake Nakuru in Kenya.

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