Giraffe Manor is a well-known place amongst animal lovers. In this luxury resort just outside Nairobi, you can have a unique experience: breakfast with these remarkable animals. They stick their long necks through the windows, check it out!

This extraordinary accommodation has been around for quite some time: Giraffe Manor first opened in 1932 as a hunting lodge. It still gives a good impression of how the western world regarded Africa back in those days. Up until 1974 it was a Scottish lodge, built by David Duncan, of the ‘Mackintosh’s Toffee’ fame.

In 1974, Betty Leslie-Melville and her husband Jock bought the manor and moved in. They radically changed the purpose of the lodge and turned it into a giraffe sanctuary after learning that Rothschild giraffes, a sub-species of giraffe, were in danger of extinction due to increased urbanisation and infrastructure.

Betty and Jock offered shelter to these animals and since then the manor and sanctuary have been bought by another couple and turned into a luxury hotel. There are more than ten giraffes on the property these days and they’re very used to humans.

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