Dead Sea

The lowest point on earth, and the largest wellness centre in the world

The Dead Sea is on the border of Jordan and Israel. It is one of the most wonderful places in the world. Where you can make various excursions, but also simply enjoy. Because this landscape is not only special, but also incredibly beautiful.

Floating in the Dead Sea

You’ll experience the feeling of bobbing along like a rubber ducky on the Dead Sea, so you’ll be able to enjoy the view around you. The Dead Sea is a unique place in the world, and also the largest wellness centre created by Mother Earth. It’s good for those who are not well, but also great for those who enjoy a spa experience.

You can enjoy the Dead Sea in either Jordan and Israel, both countries have long enjoyed the benefits of the effects of the Dead Sea. Your toughest choice may be to choose between a body scrub with sea salt or a massage with Dead Sea oil. Or maybe the Turkish steam bath?

Salt in the Dead Sea.

The extremely healthy waters of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is also Mother Nature's largest spa. For the sick, but also for wellness. Due to the extremely high air pressure and the absence of all kinds of pollen, you will not breathe cleaner and more oxygen-rich air anywhere in the world.

What is possible in both countries, because both Jordan and Israel have a long history with the beneficial effects of the Dead Sea. Although it may be difficult to choose from a scrub with Dead Sea salt or a massage with Dead Sea oil. Or the Turkish steam bath.

Don't worry about the sun here. The evaporating seawater works very conveniently as a natural UV filter, making combustion almost impossible.

Mud bath in the Dead Sea

Taking a mud bath in the Dead Sea.

A popular thing to do is take a mud bath. Which is basically the same as smearing yourself with mud from the sea. Due to the many minerals, this is very beneficial for your body. Take your time, lie back in front of it and relax. This is pure indulgence.

Hiking along the Dead Sea

The landscape of the Dead Sea

A nice tour is to hike along the lake. You see large salt formations in various places. It's a wonderful place. And all this at the lowest place on earth: here it is no less than 417 meters below sea level. There are various walking routes in both countries.

Ask for the possibilities on the spot. Keep in mind that it can get hot here. Fortunately, you can then quickly enter the water.

Visiting the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is easy to visit in both Jordan and Israel. This can be done by public transport as well as with an excursion. A visit to this sea is often included in a round trip. make sure you have the time here. It's a shame to be here only briefly. Especially if you want to walk in a unique landscape.