The Dead Sea is also very beautiful.

The Dead Sea’s salt content is so high that you will float in it. It’s a unique experience, which feels a bit weird to start with. But soon you’ll happily let the water carry you. And the water is full of minerals, which is good for your skin and muscles.

Thanks to the high air pressure here and the lack of pollen, the air here is the cleanest and richest in oxygen in the world. And you don’t have to worry about the sun here either: the evaporating sea water works as a natural UV filter, so you’re not likely to get sunburnt.

The only thing you should be wary of is to submerge your head under the water, because the salt will sting your eyes! That would ruin your otherwise relaxing experience.

Zoutformatie bij de Dode Zee.
Salt formations in the Dead Sea. Andrew Shiva

You’ll experience the feeling of bobbing along like a rubber ducky on the Dead Sea, so you’ll be able to enjoy the view around you. The Dead Sea is a unique place in the world, and also the largest wellness centre created by Mother Earth. It’s good for those who are not well, but also great for those who enjoy a spa experience.

You can enjoy the Dead Sea in either Jordan and Israel, both countries have long enjoyed the benefits of the effects of the Dead Sea. Your toughest choice may be to choose between a body scrub with sea salt or a massage with Dead Sea oil. Or maybe the Turkish steam bath?

Take a walk along the lake (because it’s not actually a sea!), and you’ll see large salt formations. It’s a wondrous place. And it’s literally the lowest place on earth: it’s 417 metres below sea level!