Local name: Al Beidha

Few tourists visit Little Petra, also known as Siq al-Barid (‘cold canyon’), but if you’d like to learn more about the area and its culture, you cannot miss this small archaeological site. It resembles Petra, but doesn’t have as many monumental buildings, though you can really see the Nabataean style.

Just as in Petra, you enter the town via a narrow canyon of about 325 metres. You can climb up to the top of the cliffs via stairs, and admire the view of the surrounding desert. The buildings here might not be as richly decorated as those in Petra, but the ceilings of several buildings still have frescos, which you won’t find in Petra.

You’ll also find houses, temples, stables, grave sites, a monastery, canals and water storage facilities, and you can see beds hewn out of the cliffs. It’s a great place to roam around.

How do I get there?
It’s not hard to get to, it’s only a few kilometres from Petra. You’ll notice how well-protected the town is, safely tucked away between the rocks. It’s a great place to explore. Ask in the area about your options to visit Little Petra.