The Snow Monsters of Mount Zao

Each Year the Slopes of this Volcano is invaded by 'Juhyo'

Each year a rare natural phenomenon invades the slopes of Mount Zao in Japan. From January till March the trees change into natural sculptures. Snow monsters or Juhyo, like the Japanese, call them. Immense giants due to a large amount of snow.

If you have been to Finnish Lapland or Swedish Lapland you might know them: the snow monsters. In Japan, each winter the Japanese mountain Zao is invaded by these snow monsters. It is especially the wind that turns small conifers into strikingly large human-like figures. Numerous snow trees are more than ten meters high.

This phenomenon is well known among the inhabitants of Japan. A visit to Mount Zao is especially popular in early spring. You can hike through the trees, but you can also go skiing. It is a wonderful trip in a magical winter wonderland. There is a lookout point, from where you have a good view of the mountain and the snowmen.

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Where to Find Mount Zao?

Mount Zao is relatively easy to reach. Its location is about 380 kilometres north of the capital Tokyo. The nearest major city is Fukushima.

Best Time to Visit Mount Zao

A true natural spectacle at Mount Zao.

Every year in January, snow and wind create these amazing snow figures. Therefore, January is the best month for a visit. They can often still be seen in February, but there is a chance of thaw. Keep in mind that it can be very cold on the mountain, so dress appropriately. If you want to ski you have to rent your own ski equipment, or of course, bring it with you. Pay attention to the weather forecast, because the weather can suddenly change.

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