It’s likely you will have seen the footage by now: in Japan, macaques (also known as snow monkeys) have learnt that hot springs are a perfect option for dealing with the cold winter weather. So they all hop into various hot springs, to the pleasure of the tourists. And now they even their own webcam!

The BBC has made a documentary about the snow monkeys. You’ll see how they sit back, close their eyes and relax. They really enjoy the warm water.

Japanese macaques live in the mountains of Japan. They’re used to cold winters, but they’re clever. Back in the 1960s some snow monkeys discovered the natural hot springs that occur near the town of Onsen.

And in they got, just like the people who live there. Nowadays, they have their own private ‘baths’. These animals are famous on the internet now, and tourist travel to the small park with the hot springs to see the bathing snow monkeys in real life.

The monkeys at Jigokudani Monkey Park can now also be seen on their own webcam, which refreshes every 3 minutes. Do keep in mind there might be a time difference between where you are and Japan.

There are also photos available on the website from previous days, simply click on the numbers in the left menu and the photos will pop up.

Webcam (especially fun in Japanese winter): Webcam Jigokudani Monkey Park

How do I get there?

The park is near Yamanouchi in the Shimotakai District in the Nagano Prefect.

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