Sky Pool

Unique Infinity Pool in the Dolomites

Hotel Hubertus in the town of Geiselsberg in the Dolomites has a unique infinity pool. This swimming pool has a glass front which results in a seamless merge of the water with its background. With beautiful mountainous scenery around you.

As borders disappear, the view widens. Besides the fact that you can look endlessly over the water, it also has a glass plate on the bottom. Making it seem like you are flying and swimming at the same time.

A Unique Infinity Pool

From this unique swimming pool, you can have a spectacular of the surrounding landscape. It's literally like swimming in the landscape around you. The hotel in Italy named the pool Sky Pool, quite a fitting name.

The pool is at a height of twelve metres above the ground. The architect wants to give you the feeling that you can fly between the mountains of South Tyrol. And yes, I definitely want to try this. You?

Visit the Sky Pool with Pictures

The Sky Pool at a height of twelve metres above ground.
The Sky Pool as a balcony in the Dolomites.
View from the Sky Pool.
An impression of the Hotel Hubertus in South Tyrol.
Look how you swim and fly at the same time.

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