Adamello Brenta Nature Park

One of the Largest Protected Areas in the Alps

The Adamello Brenta Nature Park is a unique place in the Dolomites. This nature reserve in Italy roughly consists of two parts. Adamello is a mountain massif often called the Adamello group. Brenta is an adjacent group of mountains. The nature reserve encompasses both, although they are very different. I have listed the best tips, sights and excursions for your trip to Adamello Brenta in this article.

At this nature reserve, the Central Alps meet the mighty Dolomites. The scenery is remarkable, which you'll notice as soon as you arrive. You can see the transition from the most commonly occurring rocks in the Alps, crystals, to the limestone of the Dolomites. The Adamello section, however, consists mainly of 30 million-year-old granite. This exceptional mixture of rocks makes this area even more special.

The local name is Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta. This extensive area is popular with nature lovers, hikers and mountaineers. It is one of the largest protected natural areas in Italy and is located in the province of Trentino. 


Brenta is a famous mountain range in the Dolomites. The pinnacles have a spectacular appearance. The steep rocks tower high above the landscape. The Cima Brenta (3,151 m) and Cima Tosa (3,171 m) are the highest of the peaks. Visible from afar.

In this section, you will find many mountain huts that you can reach on foot. In addition, you can stay and eat at these mountain huts. There are various hiking routes to take, which allow you to walk through the entire massif from north to south and back again. There are also many shorter hikes.

The Cima Brenta mountain in Adamello Brenta Natural Park.

In addition, you can find various Via Ferrata or klettersteig routes, where you climb over the rocks on hands and feet. 

The Via delle Bochette is among the most famous hiking trails in the world. It passes, among other things, the Campanile Basso, a square rock tower 400 m high. It is the largest in the Dolomites. 

From Madonna di Campeglio, a cable car goes up to the Passo del Grosté (2,445 m), from where you can start a hike as well.


Wild horses in Adamello Brenta Nature Park.

The Adamello is less busy with hikers. Therefore, this place is also more pristine. You will find many peaks above 3,000 meters. With the highest being Adamello itself at 3,539 meters high. You will also find various glaciers, which, however, are shrinking annually.

Between the Adamello massif and the Presanella lies Val di Genova; according to many, one of the most beautiful places of the Dolomites. You will see various waterfalls during hiking, including the Cascata di Nardis (with a height of about 130 metres).

Accommodation in Adamello Brenta

If you want to visit this nature reserve, it's wise to set aside several days for it. You can relatively easily find and book a hotel, hostel, or Bed & Breakfast online. There is a large selection, I noticed when I was here. I particularly like the local farmers as a good place to sleep. For example, in and around the town of Carisolo.

Wildlife at Adamello Brenta Nature Park

You also have the chance to encounter wild animals such as the typical mountain animals like chamois, ibex and marmot. The brown bear and wolf also live here as well, although they are not often spotted. You can also encounter birds such as the eagle owl, pygmy owl and boreal owl. There are special nature excursions where you go in search of Adamello Brenta's special birds with a guide. Ask locally about the current trips being organised.

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