Lake Molveno

For Years Declared as the Cleanest Lake in Italy

The Lake Molveno is a hidden gem nestled within the Dolomites. At least, that's the firm belief held by many Italians. Compared to Lake Garda, Lago di Maggiore, and Lake Como, this lake is less well-known. However, the local population have long since taken Molveno Lake to their hearts. It's situated in the breathtaking Adamello Brenta Nature Park. This article describes the highlights of Lake Molveno.

This lake is nestled in the heart of the Dolomites. Many believe it to be the most beautiful lake in this mountainous region. And remarkably clean. An ideal place for hiking, swimming or relaxing. In any season.

Dolomites Reflect in the Lake

The beauty of Lake Molveno Italy.

Photographers adore this lake. The reason is obvious: in the Adamello Brenta nature park, you can see the Dolomites reflected in the water. Of course, this is only possible in calm weather. If it's windy, you'll see ripples in the water. The local name is Lago di Molveno.

Location of Lake Molveno

The lake is nestled in the heart of the group of mountains known as Brenta. The water dazzles with a striking blue hue due to the abundance of minerals within it. Setting off from the quaint village of Molveno, perched at an elevation of 864 metres and located right by the lake, is indeed a splendid choice.

From here, you can embark on numerous hiking adventures. You also have the option to take the local cable car up the mountain, or if you prefer, you can ascend to the elevated Andalò either on foot or by car.

Accommodation at Lake Molveno

The lake is an excellent location for multiple nights' stay. And you can easily and affordably stay at the lake, especially in the pre-season and post-season. Surrounding the Molveno Lake are a variety of small hotels and hostels, as well as charming Bed & Breakfasts that include breakfast, for instance. 

Camping Sites at Lake Molveno

A beach at Lake Molveno.

Around and near Lake Molveno, you will find campsites. Most of them boast excellent facilities and even offer places right by the waterside. A large number of these campsites can be booked online, guaranteeing you a place.

The Famous Paganella Cable Car

The Cable Car at Lake Molveno.

A delightful excursion is the Paganella able car. You can ascend using the cable car and chairlift. Be sure to frequently look behind you, as the view of the lake is more than worth it. And this trip is perfect for photographs.

Visit Lake Molveno

You can visit this lake all year round. It's particularly stunning in the spring, when the mountain tops are still dusted with snow. In the summer, the water heats up for a delightful swim, though it stays refreshingly cool. Autumn brings a change in colour as the leaves on the trees take on a red hue, giving the lake a reddish tint. Winter transforms the scene entirely with a blanket of snow, offering a completely different, yet equally captivating landscape.

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