Lake Ledro

Beautiful Lake surrouned by Prehistoric Stilt Houses

Lake Ledro is confidently one of the most spectacular lakes in the Dolomites. It's impressively close to Lake Garda in Italy but is all too frequently overlooked. Italians adore this lake where you can conveniently hike around. You can also swim in the lake, but do be attentive. This article describes the highlights and main attractions of Lake Ledro.

The most remarkable feature of Lake Ledro is the prehistoric stilt houses that you can visit. The lake is especially popular in the spring, but also in the autumn when the leaves of the trees change colour. It's truly beautiful.

Aside from the renowned major lakes, the north of Italy boasts a handful of hidden gems. I adore them, which led me to visit Lake Molveno, Lake Tenno, and Lake Levico. There's also Lake Ledro, situated at an impressive altitude of 650 meters, which is among these fascinating lakes. This is where the warm Mediterranean climate meets the cool mountain air. While it may be relatively small, it undoubtedly merits a place on your Italian lakes itinerary. After all, the lake stands proudly at 3 kilometres in length.

Ledro Lake, locally known as Lago di Ledro, in the similarly named Valle de Ledro is worth visiting for a multitude of reasons. It nestles amongst mountain peaks, including the Monte Cadria. This setting makes it an outstanding location for hiking. Furthermore, this lake is notably calmer than the nearby Lake Garda.

Hiking around Lake Ledro (10 km)

A round trip around the lake is undeniably one of the most popular excursions. This holds true for walkers, joggers and cyclists. The route is straightforward and punctuated with countless stops along the way. Picture restaurants offering outstanding opportunities for a fulfilling lunch or dinner. There are also abundant bars where you can grab a quick drink. The path meanders through various villages where you could indulge in shopping at a supermarket or charming local shops. Furthermore, there are simply places to unwind amidst nature. Experience tells me, you can comfortably spend an entire day on this journey.

Stilt House Museum in Molina di Ledro

A stilt house at the waterside of Lago di Ledro. ©Trentino Marketing

This area is famed for its stilt houses that are an impressive 4,000 years old. These ancient abodes of our ancestors were erected on stilts to protect against water. They are proudly listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There's a wide array of performances and presentations for visitors to enjoy. However, it is primarily the history and location of this museum that earn it considerable praise. Its official name is Museo delle Palafitte and it can be found in Molina di Ledro. You can conveniently purchase an entry ticket on site.

Address: Via al Lago 1, Ledro

More information: Lake Dwelling Museum

Beaches of Lake Ledro

In charmingly named villages such as Molina di Ledro, Pur, Pieve di Ledro and Mezzolago, you'll find a variety of beaches. These beaches are man-made and ideal for resting. However, they can get crowded in warm weather, so bear that in mind. South of the little town of Pur, there's a dog beach where you're bound to see dogs relishing in the water.

Ledro Land Art

An art piece at Ledro Land Art.

The Ledro Land Art is a gallery of artwork produced from natural materials. Artists have crafted a diverse range of creations from branches, trees, rocks, and leaves in the forest near the small village of Pur. These predominantly animal-inspired installations have been scattered throughout the forest. You have the opportunity to take a short walk to encounter these numerous creatures. Can you identify them all?

Address: Malga Cita, Pur

Foletto Pharmaceutical Museum

The Foletto Museum may not be overly large, but it most certainly is exceptional. It unravels the evolution of natural pharmacies in this region. The Foletto family rose to fame over a hundred years ago through their use of numerous local flowers and plants for their remedies. You can partake in a workshop, gaining extensive knowledge about the flora of this area. You can locate this museum in the quaint town of Pieve. 

Swimming in Lake Ledro

In the summer, the water temperature hovers around 24 degrees. So, it's absolutely perfect for a swim after a warm day or a scenic walk. It's a common sight to spot local residents indulging in a morning dip in the lake. I have done it myself, and I can confirm, there's no better way to kick-start your day.

Accommodation Lake Ledro

The most popular places to stay are Molina di Ledro, Pur, Pieve di Ledro and Mezzolago. You have countless options, such as hotels, holiday homes and bed & breakfasts.

Lake Ledro Camping

There are a variety of campsites located on or near Lake Ledro. Many of these campsites are situated right by the water, so you can step right into the lake. These campsites are particularly popular during the holiday season. Therefore, if you want to secure a booking, it's essential to make a reservation in advance. Most of the campsites at Lake Ledro offer convenient online booking options.

Hiking to the Summit of Monte Cadria

The view from Malga Cadria. ©MARCO SIMONINI

Countless hiking trails are available in this region. One of the most popular is to the summit of Monte Cadria. This mountain stands proudly at 2,254 metres above the rest. The red-white marked trail to the top is easy to follow. The climb is one of the most challenging in this part of Italy. Along the way, there are various lookout points offering splendid views of the surrounding area, including the stunning Ledro Lake.

Peace Trail (450 km)

The Sentiero della Pace, also known as the Peace Trail, is an exceptional multi-day hike that takes you through the peaks of Val Concei right up to Monte Cadria. A large part of this journey immerses you in wild and untouched terrain. This trek poses a rewarding challenge for those experienced hikers among you.    

Location of Lake Ledro

The Lake Ledro is impeccably located to the west of the renowned Lake Garda, with only a mere distance of 15 kilometres separating them. You'll find it remarkably easy to get to from the much-loved town of Riva del Garda.

More information: on the official website

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