Roman Forum

The best place to get a sense of what the heart of the city looked like many centuries ago


In the glory days the Roman Forum (also known as Foro Romano) was the center of Rome. It has countless temples, including the famous Temple of Caesar. And the Temple of Venus and Roma, once the largest temple of Rome.

Walking around the historical temples, ruins, and columns gives you a sense of what life during the Roman Empire would be like.

Must-See Highlights of Roman Forum

The Arch of Titus in the Roman Forum.

In Rome's  glory days, the Roman Forum was the political, legal, commercial and religious center of the city. With countless unique monuments like the Temple of Ceasar, now in ruins. Here you can imagine what life back in the day might have been like.

This temple was designed by the Roman Emperor Hadrian himself. The construction started in 121 AC, but it took until 141 AC to be completed. The temple was dedicated to the goddess Venus Felix (Lucky Venus) and the goddess Roma Aeterna (Eternal Rome). Unfortunately, only the foundations and some columns remain.

Best time to visit the Roman Forum

It can get crowded here. The best time is early in the morning or at sunset when most tourists are already gone.

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