This is the largest natural lake in the Dolomites, and like many places here it’s known by two names as they speak two languages in this area: Lago di Braies in Italian, and Pragser Wildsee in German. Both names are used regularly for this amazing lake in the mountain district.

It is a beautiful lake and photos of it with its boat house on stilts and stunning backdrop of mountains have been doing the rounds on Facebook and Instagram for years.

There are lots of activities on and around the lake both is summer and winter, such as hiking, fishing, canoeing and skiing. The average depth of the lake is around 17 metres, but it’s quite shallow in many places.

You can take a really nice walk around the lake, and as you walk you’ll soon be alone and able to admire the changing landscape around you. There are small mountain streams with crystal clear water that flow into the lake, which means you can see the fish swim around in the lake.

How do I get there?
You can get to Pragser Wildsee/Lago di Braies by car. If you’re traveling from the cities of Silian or Toblach/Dobbiaco, you’ll see a sign for Pragser Tal/Val di Braies just near Niederdorf. If you come from the direction of Bruneck, you will find the road leading there just past Welsberg/Montguelfo. On this road you’ll get to an intersection after about 2,5 kilometres, take the turnoff on your right leading to Innerprags/Braies al Lago. It’ll be another 6,5 kilometres until you get to the lake.