Climbing the Top of Mount Vesuvius

World-Famous Volcano with a Devastating Past

Mount Vesuvius is one of the most renowned volcanoes on earth. Standing tall at 1,281 metres in the south of Italy, it is feared yet admired. And indeed, you can climb to the summit. It makes for a marvellous full-day trip, though, you can also accomplish the excursion in half a day. Below, I have gathered the best tips for the expedition to the summit of Mount Vesuvius. 

It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Though it has been calm since 1944. So you can quite safely dare to climb to the top. From the summit, you can see the impressive crater and have a sweeping view of the surroundings.

Tips for Climbing Mount Vesuvius

This volcano boasts a diameter of 8 kilometres. Therefore, it's no surprise that an eruption has massive consequences. This is clearly visible in Pompeii, the city that was engulfed in dust and lava. In the year 79, a volcanic eruption ensured that not only Pompeii, but also Herculaneum and Stabiae vanished beneath a 6 metre-thick layer of ash and chunks of pumice.

The trail to the summit.

The volcano is active, but dormant, as they so beautifully say. This makes it possible to walk to the rim of the crater. The climb isn't tough, but you do have to climb for half an hour. And of course, you have to come back down.

On a clear day, even the ruins of Pompeii are visible. In the winter, the volcano is often blanketed in snow, adding a whole new dimension to the scene. Pay attention to the flora and fauna near the crater. They have uniquely adapted to the terrain and conditions.

Accommodation in the Area

It's a tough climb and an impressive excursion. Therefore, staying nearby is highly recommended. This can be done at various locations. You can choose from small-scale hotels, cosy holiday homes, luxury villas, or convenient apartments. Make sure to book in advance though, as this region is very popular.

Find the best accommodation in Naples or the nearby Ercolano

How Do I Get to Mount Vesuvius?

Take the train from Naples to Ercolano (25 minutes). Outside the station, you'll find the 'Vesuvio' shuttle bus ready to take you to the start of the walking trail. From there, you embark on an adventurous zigzag journey upward until you reach the crater. From this point, you have the opportunity to walk partially around the crater itself.

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