Amalfi Coast

Discover the world famous villages along the Italian Coast

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is synonymous for steep cliffs, colourful villages, and the wonderful Italian atmosphere. This stretch of coastline can be found south of the Gulf of Naples.

The coastline belongs to the province of Campania. Since 1996, this coast has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its rich cultural history and rugged nature. The area runs from Positano in the west to Vietri sul Mare in the east. Along the coast are several villages that are worth a visit. So take your time and see for yourself.

Just think of colourful villages hanging on the mountainside. It is a wonderful place for a walk. The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful coastal regions in Italy. And maybe one of the best in the world. You have to  judge it for yourself, right? The small alleys are perfect for a nice stroll with a delicious gelato in your hand. Enjoy the good life and eat a fresh pasta vongole on the terrace with a good glass of wine. Or look at it from the other side and sail along the coast. 

Discover all the villages on the Amalfi Coast, with the most must-see highlights. It includes some fine excursions as well. Take your time for the Amalfi Coast and see for yourself.


The city of Positano at the Amalfi Coast.

Positano is probably the most famous village on the Amalfi Coast. This colourful village is situated spectacularly on a rock, so it has many narrow alleys and streets. It can get busy, making it smarter to come early in the morning, for example. And enjoy an Italian breakfast with an espresso or cappuccino.


The beauty of Sorrento at the Amalfi Coast.

Sorrento is a popular seaside resort on the peninsula of the same name. It is also known as the lemon capital of Italy. Lemon groves surround the city. In the city, you can get, among other things, fresh lemon juice, which is less acidic than you think.


The picturesque village of Praiano, Amalfi Coast.

Praiano is quieter than the other villages. This quiet town is located on top of the cliffs, giving you a good view of the entire coast from Positano to Capri. Take your time, this is a wonderful place to unwind.


The city of Amalfi at the Amalfi Coast.

This town is the cultural and historical heart of the Amalfi Coast. This also makes it the most touristic attraction in the area. Which means it can get crowded. Especially on weekends and high season.


The famous viewpoint at Ravello on the Amalfi Coast.

Ravello is located on top of a mountain. This gives the village of Ravello a good view of the ocean. It is much loved by artists, photographers, and couples in love. And indeed, the view is more than worth it. Stroll along the many shops of the artists and meander through the narrow streets.


The lesser-known village of Atrani, Amalfi Coast.

Atrani is probably the least known town on the Amalfi Coast. Not entirely justified, because Atrani is located by the sea, is very picturesque and is surrounded by hills where olives, lemons, and grapes grow.

Other Places of Interest at the Amalfi Coast

You will find many villas along this coast. With exceptionally well-kept gardens. Such as the gardens of Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo in Ravello, which are famous for their landscaping, many flowers, and plants as well as characteristic trees. These are good places for photographers.

Explore the Amalfi Coast by Car, Boat or on Foot?

You can experience this area in different ways. There is a narrow road that you can drive well by car. But this one is often very busy, it does not give the best experience. It is better to walk before you really experience the area. You can also take boats from village to village. Where you get unprecedented views over the rocks, the villages, and more. This is actually the best way to see everything.

Hiking on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a wonderful place for hikers. Most of the trails date from the 19th century but are still in remarkably good condition. Inquire on-site for the status of the hiking trails. These could be closed all of a sudden, as I had.

Some of the most beautiful hiking routes are:

Valle delle Ferriere

The heart of the Amalfi Coast. Most parts are elevated, which offers a great view. You hike through a landscape of rivers, rocks and lots of vegetation. With a wonderful view of the coast.

Il Sentiero degli Dei

Fierce, but wonderful hiking route. Including almost 2,000 steps.

Other routes

- Punta Campanella
- Il Santuario dell’Avvocata
- Monti Lattari
- Valle delle Ferriere: The heart of the Amalfi Coast. The trail is at height, running through the landscape with rivers, rocks and lots of vegetation. With a wonderful view of the coast.

Best Time to Visit the Amalfi Coast

The lemon trees are in bloom from February to November.

From April to October, the bougainvillea plants are in bloom, showing purple everywhere.

In the summer it can get very busy, so the atmosphere is a bit lost. Spring (April and May) and autumn (late September and October) are wonderful.

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