The Most Beautiful Town in the Trulli Region

The idyllic town of Alberobello is renowned for its distinctive Trulli. The limestone cottages in the Puglia region boast a characteristic conical shape. Make no mistake, this town hosts more than a thousand of them! It's no wonder these exceptional homes deservedly occupy a spot on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Among the many sights in this part of Italy, you'll even find a Trullo church.

The name Alberobello originates from the Latin phrase Sylva Arboris Belli. A direct nod to the oak forests that once encompassed the city. Today, the city is nestled amidst sprawling olive groves and a handful of vineyards. In essence, the city is sectioned into two parts, built on two hills. The monumental section of Alberobello is firmly perched on the western hill.

The Symbols on the Houses

The famous symbols on the trulli in Alberobello.

As you stroll through Alberobello, you will naturally notice various symbols adorning the houses. These are typically Christian symbols, such as a cross for instance. However, there are also depictions of the moon, a star, or a heart and an arrow. The meaning of the symbols in Alberobello is not entirely clear.

Rione Monti

The streets of Rione Monti, a district of Alberobello.

The most renowned and touristic district is Rione Monti. Where numerous trulli have been meticulously restored, especially along the bustling streets. Pay particular attention to the bushes and flowers which are often beautifully positioned around the trulli. Furthermore, you'll discover a treasure trove of shops offering food and drink, but most notably, an abundance of souvenirs.

Aia Piccola

Women on the street in Aia Piccola.

The Aia Piccola district is also home to a plethora of trulli - around 400 in fact. The majority are still inhabited or available for holiday rental. You'll notice a distinct lack of tourism, it's vastly quieter. If you're looking to see authentic trulli and get a glimpse of the locals, Aia Piccola is unquestionably the place to visit.

Accommodation in Alberobello

Alberobello is a good base to explore more of the region. This area is wonderful to spend several nights. The city has a lot on offer, think of small hotels, quiet holiday homes or convenient apartments. All of which you can book online. Make sure you book on time, this area is very popular. This certainly applies to the holidays, but also to weekends in spring or autumn.

What are Trulli?

Trulli are found exclusively in the region surrounding Bari, Brindisi and Taranto in southern Italy. They are unpretentious homes constructed from stone, with a circular stone roof - notably, without the use of any cement. The very first Trulli date all the way back to 1500.

Originally, most didn't have any windows or chimneys. These simple cottages were the homes of the poor. A significant number of agricultural workers owned a Trullo, which was a significant possession for them.

Over time, the region began to develop and so did the Trulli. They gained additional rooms, each one topped with its own conical roof. More and more Trulli began to feature windows and a tiny kitchen. Interestingly, they often had provisions for rainwater collection.

Wandering the streets in Alberobello.

Pezzolla Territory Museum

The Museo del Territorio Casa Pezzolla is a historical museum located in Alberobello. This place is teeming with information about the trullo (trulli in plural), their usage, their inhabitants and particularly, the origins of these little houses. Furthermore, this museum provides an abundant narrative on the history of the region.

Address: Piazza XXVII Maggio, Alberobello

Sovereign Trullo

The Trullo Sovrano is a heritage museum located within a traditional trullo. It stands as the only two-storey trullo in existence. Inside, you can find original furniture, offering an authentic window into how folk lived centuries ago. Expect to see a bedroom, bakery, and a kitchen. Additionally, you'll notice the pleasantly cool interior even when it's warm outside.

Address: Piazza Sacramento, Alberobello

Vrouwen in een bakkerij in Alberobello..

Parish of Saint Anthony of Padua

The Parrocchia Sant'Antonio di Padova is unequivocally the only trulli church in the entire world. This unique church was constructed in 1926 under the commission of Franciscan Don Antonio Lippolis. The Sant'Antonio church, striking in its small size, features a Greek cross layout, capped with a more than 20 meters high trullo dome at its center. This splendid piece of architecture is situated at the edge of the well-known Rione Monti district.

Wine Museum (Museo del Vino)

The Wine Museum, also known as Cantina Museo Negozio Albea or Museo del Vino, is a treasure trove of information about the wines from the Puglia region. It also doubles as a wine shop, offering you the opportunity to taste and purchase wines.

Address: Via Due Macelli, Alberobello

Visiting Alberobello

This town is highly sought-after by tourists. Hence, it's wise to plan your visit. If you visit between ten in the morning and three in the afternoon, it will be exceptionally busy. However, if you want to sidestep the crowds, early in the day is an impeccable time for your visit.

Just as the dusk sets in is also desirable. This also enhances your photo opportunities with soft light. To further enhance your experience, it is prudent to avoid the weekends, when many Italians also flock to Alberobello.

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