A calm and peaceful place for a walk, with a famous zoo

The Großer Tiergarten is by far the largest park in Berlin. It was founded as a hunting reserve in 1527 for the Elector of Brandenburg, but it was expanded over the years. Wildlife was released in the park, and fences kept them in so they could not escape.

When Berlin grew, only this part remained as a park. At 210 hectares, for example, it is almost twice the size of Hyde Park in London. Central Park in New York is half the size of the Tiergarten. The zoo in the park has been in the news a lot in recent years because of polar bear cub Knut, who became a hit on social media.

In the Tiergarten there is a park where the famous zoo is located; Tierpark Berlin. The park is an ideal place for a walk. It used to be a hunting area, but now it is an oasis of peace. After which you can have a drink at your leisure at the various restaurants.

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