Stasi Museum

Experience the feeling of the Cold War

The Stasi Museum in Berlin is impressive. You will find numerous relics, which are a good indication of how the inhabitants of East Germany were watched. And how hard evidence was gathered, for example.

In the Stasi Museum you can get an idea of how this hard-handed communist organisation operated. You can wander around the old offices of leader Erich Mielke, and see his uniform. You can still really get a sense of what the Cold War felt like.

Lots of artefacts

You can see lots of artefacts in this museum that give you an impression of how the people of East Germany were closely monitored during the Cold War, and how evidence was gleaned using a hard hand. Especially interesting are the spying materials, such as the high tech (for the time) cameras that were placed in car doors, plants, walls etc.

Visiting the Stasi Museum

The museum is located at Ruschestraße 103. Take your time to visit. The museum provides an intriguing glimpse into how the government tried to keep an eye on everyone. Visitors believe that this should never be allowed again in the future.

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