A small, characteristic city with a rich history

Goslar is exactly as you would imagine a small city to be in Germany. It’s in the foothills of the Harz range, at the bottom of the Rammelsberg. They’ve been mining ore, silver, copper, lead and zinc for a thousand years, and this is what founded the city.

The town can be found on the edge of the Harz Mountains. You can combine a visit to the town with a few days of hiking in the low mountains. These are the most beautiful sights for your trip. With also some excursions to do.

Imperial Palace of Goslar

The Imperial Palace of Goslar.

The Imperial Palace of Goslar is impressive, but above all special. This was the residence of the German emperors since the 11th century. The Imperial Palace is the largest and best-preserved building from this time of the Middle Ages in Germany. Today it is a museum where you can learn everything about the emperors who lived in Goslar.

The Market Square

The Market Square is very impressive. You can see numerous well-known buildings that are still in good condition. Including the gothic town hall from the 15th century. The most special is the Huldigungssaal. The walls and ceiling are completely covered with sixteenth-century paintings. You can do a tour with a guide.

Market Fountain

The famous Market Fountain in Goslar.

The Market Fountain is the beautiful fountain in the heart of the square. This 12th century fountain is famous for its imperial eagle. The Kaiserworth is the richly decorated merchants' guild house. It dates back to 1494 and is now a hotel.

Alt St. Cosmas und Damian Church

The Alt St. Cosmas und Damian Church is striking because of its two completely different towers. This church was built in two phases. The first tower in the 12th century and the second in the 14th century. You get a good idea of the changing thoughts about architecture in these centuries.

Half-timbered houses in Goslar.

Medieval city center

If you walk through Goslar you will see countless centuries-old half-timbered houses. The St. Annenhaus is Goslar's oldest half-timbered house. It dates from 1488. Also worth seeing is the patrician house Brusttuch from 1521. This is best known for the very rich carvings on the outside. Also special is the Siemenshaus from 1693. As the name suggests, this house belongs to one of the ancestors of the Siemens family. We now know from electronics, for example.

Christmas in Goslar

The lights of Christmas in Goslar.

Every year Goslar turns into a colourful Christmas town. Think of countless stalls, lots of Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. You can try typical German drinks and lots of tasty snacks. And enjoy the atmosphere and cosiness. Keep in mind that it can get busy, but it fits this time of the year.

Visiting Goslar

The town of Goslar is very popular. Which makes it very busy. In high season you will find many tourists around noon. Especially on the weekends. So keep this in mind when you visit Goslar. It is best to visit the town during the week outside the school holidays.

An early morning walk through Goslar is magical. Then you see how the city awakens. Walk through the city centre and see how beautiful the city is. You can also walk around well in the evening.

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