Checkpoint Charlie

The most notorious checkpoint between East and West Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie is the famous checkpoint on the border of former East and West Berlin, or between the Russian and American sectors. If you wanted to travel between the two, this is was the checkpoint you had to pass.

When in Berlin don't forget Checkpoint Charlie. During the time of divided Berlin, this was an important checkpoint. It is touristy, but if you know what has been going on during that time, it is still worthwhile to visit.

The Mauermuseum

The Wall Museum – Checkpoint Charlie House is right near the checkpoint, and you can hear many stories of successful and failed attempts at escape.

The German name is Mauermuseum – Haus am Checkpoint Charlie. You can get a sense of what life must have been like for decades for those living in the east.

Taking photos at Checkpoint Charlie

It's a public place, so you can take a photo. Usually there are men dressed in military clothing. You can photograph them, but you have to pay for it. Ask how much in advance to avoid hassle.

Visiting Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie is in the Mitte Quarter, on the Friedrichstraße. It can get busy, the best time is early in the morning. 

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