Local name: Berliner Dom

The current Berliner Dom is not the original church. There used to be a baroque cathedral from 1747, but this was destroyed on command of emperor Wilhelm II. The current cathedral was built between 1895 and 1905, and was heavily damaged during the second world war.

Reconstruction started in 1975 and the church officially re-opened in 1992. During its restoration, the decision was made to make the church simpler and less high. The architect, Julius Raschdorff, decided on a baroque structure with renaissance influences. He did make sure that the interior of the church was decorated with rich mosaics.

Its organ, known as the Sauerorgel, or Hauptorgel Berliner Dom, is world famous. It has 113 stops, including three ranks of 32′ pipes on the pedal division.

The church is also famous for its crypt, which holds many sarcophagi. Members of the House of Hohenzollern are buried here, a dynasty of former princes, electors, kings and emperors that used to use this church as their royal church. King Frederic I and his wife Charlotte, amongst others, are in sarcophagi here.

How do I get there?
The Berlin Cathedral Church is located at the Museumsingel, across from the former Palast der Republik, near the street called Unter den Linden.

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