Danakil Desert

Unique and hostile landscape in Ethiopia

The Danakil Desert in Ethiopia is a bizar place: one of the hottest and driest places on earth. It's full of volcanic activity and salt formations.

The Danakil Desert, or Danakil Depression, is an incredibly hostile environment for humans, but also incredibly beautiful. It’s always hot here, daytime temperatures are generally about 50° C.

The volcanoes in this area create hot water springs, where toxic gasses are commonplace. As long as you come prepared, you can visit this interesting landscape. It’s an extraordinary desert.

Tour to the Danakil Desert

A trip to the Danakil Desert is not easy. This has several reasons. One is that the place is quite remote. In addition, it is a dangerous place. Partly due to the volcanoes in this area, there are various hot springs. And dangerous gases are normal. But if you prepare well, there is not much to worry about. You will find a desert here, but not an ordinary one.

Touring the Danakil Desert in Ethiopia.

The Danakil is the lowest point in Africa, and even one of the lowest points on earth. It’s also the locations of Lake Karum (also known as Lake Assale or Asale), which lies around –120 metres below sea level. It’s a saline lake and the locals, the Afar people, use it to mine salt.

it’s a unique landscape, and due to its climate it’s not an easy place to travel around, but the effort is worth it. The Erta Ale volcano, for example, but much more besides.

Visiting Danakil Desert

The Danakil Desert is in the Afar Triangle in the northwest of Ethiopia.

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