Ethiopia might have negative connotations. There was a famine in 1984, and most of us would be familiar with this country thanks to the images of starving children. But did you know it’s actually an exciting travel destination?

Surprisingly, this might be the most diverse country in Africa. It’s ideal for an adventurous holiday, a tour of the country is a great challenge, and there is so much to see. There are intriguing tribes who live in the savannahs down south, including the Mursi (who refer to themselves as the Mun), who are famous for the lip plates they wear.

There are also mountains here, proper ones that are higher than 4.000 meter, which are home to interesting animals and plants. The Simien Mountains and Bale Mountains are remarkable plateaus.

There is also the amazing city of Axsum (or Aksum), believed to be the holiest of cities in Ethiopia and has many intriguing stelae (carved columns or obelisks). It’s also believed that the Ark of the Covenant was housed here once upon a time.

Another remarkable place in Ethiopia is Lalibela, where there are churches hewn out of cliff faces.

A tour of Ethiopia is an experience for all your senses.