Sky Bridge 721

World's Longest Suspension Bridge to Open in 2022

The Sky Bridge 721 in the Czech Republic is the longest suspension bridge in the world. As the name suggests, the walkway is no less than 721 meters long. You can find it in Dolní Morava at the foot of the mountain Králický Sněžník in the north of the country. The new bridge is located at an altitude of 1,125 meters and can be easily visited.

Various countries have been attempting to build the longest pedestrian bridge in the world for many years. Before that the 516 Arouca in Portugal was the longest. You will find this suspension bridge in Portugal. This bridge was only opened on April 29 2021, and lost the title of the longest suspension bridge in the world in just a year. I wonder if there are any new plans to surpass this bridge. To be fair, 721 meters is long, the bridge is a hike in itself.

The Latest Attraction in Moravia

Moravia is popular with hikers and mountain enthusiasts. You can enjoy nature in the Eagle Mountains and the Jeseník Mountains. The new suspension bridge will be built in the mountains of Dolní Morava. You walk about 95 meters above the trees and therefore have a wide view of the mountains. The most famous is Králický Sněžník (1,424 meters).

The Sky Bridge 721 in the Czech Republic.

Educational Nature Trail 

When you walk on the bridge you get a lot of information about the area. The so-called The Bridge of Time shows through 10 panels what is being done to protect the environment, for example. The history of the Republic of Moravia from 1935 to the present is also discussed. Just like the life story of a local family from Dolní Morava.

Best Time to Visit Sky Bridge 721

The bridge can be visited at any time. One of the best tips is to go in the winter when there is snow and you look out over an enchanting white landscape. A visit is also worthwhile in spring and summer, especially when the weather is nice.

Best Moment for Photography

The sunset, and sunrise, are of course a great time to go. These special moments of the day allow you to take good photos and videos of the soft light of the sun. Provided it is not cloudy of course. So check the weather conditions and forecast beforehand. Especially early in the day, you can be sure that it is also very quiet with people. So you can fully enjoy the peace and views of the landscape.

Recommended: Sky Walk

The nearby Sky Walk viewpoint.

Less than 500 meters away is the Sky Walk (local name is Stezka v Oblacích). This is a treetop path with a special view over the surrounding mountains. You slowly walk up to the lookout point. It's easy to visit both the Sky Bridge 721 and the Sky Walk in half a day. So you still have to go hiking in the mountains, for example.

Location of Sky Bridge 721 and Sky Walk

This new suspension bridge is located in the north of the Czech Republic, near the border with Poland. The nearest town is Šumperk, the distance is more than 30 kilometres. The bridge is more than 80 kilometres from the large city of Olomouc.

Buy tickets online

Tickets can only be purchased online in advance. A visit to Sky Bridge 721 costs about 18 euros the bridge and about 26 euros including the cable car.

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