One of the most beautiful libraries in the world

The Clementinum is an absolute pearl in Prague. The national library of the Czech Republic is an incredibly beautiful example of baroque architecture. It was once a jesuit college, now it’s home to the national library.

The Clementinum is the second-largest building complex in Prague, the largest is Prague Castle. There is an astronomical tower on top of the library that became world famous thanks to the research that scientists Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler undertook at this spot. Between 1600 and 1612 they studied the position of the planets and recorded their findings.

Some of the books in the Clementinum.

They concluded, for example, that planets don’t actually move in circles but in ellipses. They still use the tower for meteorological and climatological research.

Clementinum is a former Jesuit college

This former jesuit college complex was built between 1653 and 1722 and also contains the Saint Clement church, the Saint Salvatore church tower and an observatory.

It is also home to the first Mozarteum in the world, it dates back to 1837. There are still regular concerts in honour of Mozart.