Horse riding in Viñales Valley

Best way to see this unique part of Cuba

Horse riding in the Valley of Viñales is the ideal way to get to know the famous tobacco valley. Sitting on a horse is a special excursion in this famous part of Cuba.

There are many tobacco plantations in the Viñales Valley, and a great way to explore it is on horseback. During the ride you will make a stop at a tobacco plantation where you can see how cigars are made.

Horse riding tours in Viñales Valley

The back of a horse is an ideal spot to explore the famous Viñales Valley. In the early morning or late afternoon the light is particularly gentle in the valley, and creates a mystical atmosphere.

De gids bij het paardrijden in Viñales. ©Corno van den Berg

How long should I go?

There are rides that take several hours, but there are also rides that take several days, and can include visits to tobacco plantations. Many hotels in the area offer guided tours on horseback, so check what’s available.

Best time for horse riding in Viñales

Especially in the early morning or late afternoon are perfect. The light in the valley is soft and gives it a mystical atmosphere. in the morning it's nice and cool. In fact, it can even be a bit chilly, I noticed. But when the sun peeps above the horizon, it's really enjoyable.