Crabs Migration Bay of Pigs

Every year millions of crabs head for the waters of the Bay of Pigs

Every year the migration of millions of crabs takes place in the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. In particular, around Playa Larga and Playa Giron in the Matanzas region, you can see crabs leaving their burrows to mate. You can easily experience that annual crab migration on the island. It is a true natural spectacle. Discover the best tips and information to experience this excursion.

Remarkable is that there are two species of crabs migrating. The red-black crab and the yellow land crab. You see a lot of the red-black land crabs in particular if you visit here around April. In fact, you see thousands of them crossing the road, among other things. Do pay attention when you drive, or when you take a taxi, for example. 

Due to the pandemic, the road has been quieter in recent years. As a result, the crabs have multiplied en masse. Which is clearly visible according to researchers. Many more crabs than usual show themselves, making it seem like a true invasion. Something you can clearly see in the pictures.

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Location of the Bay of Pigs

This natural phenomenon can be seen in the so-called Bay of Pigs. The bay is located about 200 kilometres from the capital Havana on the southern part of the island. It forms the edge of the Ciénaga de Zapata National Park. This nature reserve is also known for the flamingos and other animals that live here.

What is the Best Time to see the Crabs Migration?

The annual migration takes place in April, usually in the first weeks. Check locally whether the animals are active so that you can see them well.