Helmcken Falls

Waterfall that’s worth a visit just for its setting alone

The Helmcken Falls are in the Murtle River in the Wells Gray Provincial Park in Canada. It cascades 141 metres down from the Murtle plateau. This makes it the fourth highest waterfall in Canada.

People often pass by the Helmcken Falls without stopping. That’s a pity because it’s beautifully located. There are many rocks and trees, but there is often a mystical mist due to the spray from the waterfall.

Helmcken Falls in winter

Snow regularly falls here in winter. The temperature drops below zero, causing part of the waterfall to freeze. This is a great time to visit Helmcken Falls. The photos are incredibly beautiful.

In winter Helmcken Falls freezes partly.

Visiting Helmcken Falls

You can find the Helmcken Falls between Jasper National Park and Kamloops. The best time to visit is early in the morning when the light is soft. Or when the sunsets.

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