Iguazu Falls Boat Tour

The best way to experience this force of nature

One of the best excursions is visiting Iguazu Falls by boat. The strong currents make it a challenge for the captain to get to the foot of the waterfalls. The mist created by the splashing water will provide both an intense experience and a wet set of clothes.

A treat for adrenaline junkies. You can get real close to the foot of Iguazú Falls by boat. A great (wet) way to experience this force of nature.

What does the Iguazu Falls Boat Tour looks like?

You will receive a life jacket and an explanation of the boat trip in a quiet part of the river. The guide explains what you might expect and will tell you about the special things you will see.

The boat is made of hard plastic and is very manoeuvrable. The captain steers against the current, although this is sometimes a challenge due to the strong current. During the boat trip you have to hold on to the railing, and you will. 

Slowly you get closer to the waterfalls. Until you are belittled by the water, and you literally hear the thunder and roar. You feel the water on you. A special experience, that's for sure.
It makes sense to bring a raincoat, as there is a good chance that you will get wet. Even soaking wet from the mist created by the water. Either way, this boat trip is an experience.

The boat is the best way to get a feel for Iguazu Falls; in all your senses. You will enjoy it. This tour is popular, so make sure you are on time when booking the boat trip to Iguazu Falls.

On the Iguazu Falls Boat Ride you get very close to the waterfalls.

Combination with other excursions

This boat trip to the Iguazu waterfalls can also be combined with a jungle trekking. This way you get to know the area well, especially the rainforest that surrounds it. You will also see how diverse this area is.