Mountainbike on The Death Road

Once one of the deadliest roads in the world; now open for mountainbikers

Mountain biking on The Death Road in Bolivia. It sounds just as cool as it is. It is  challenging, because you really have to pay attention. Although you can easily avoid the edge of the road by driving on the side of the rock wall. But even then, caution is advised. Especially on the parts where it is wet due to rain. It is certain that this excursion will give you adrenaline.

Gevaarlijkste weg ter wereld

The Death Road, or  Camino de la Muerte, was long known as the most dangerous road in the world. This 60-kilometer-long road runs through the Andes; From La Paz to Coroico. Nowadays there is an alternative road, but you can still ride down Death Road on a mountain  bike.

The name says it all, there used to be about 200 deaths in traffic every year. Or actually; in the ravine next to the rpad. The road is narrow, winds through the Andes landscape and has a deep abyss on one side.

This more than 60 kilometers long road runs straight through the Andes; from La Paz to Coroico. It was a challenge especially for freight traffic, but the the drivers had to supply the remote villages. While the road was only three meters wide in some parts. And you always run into traffic.

Death Road Mountain Bike Tour

There is now an alternative road, but you can now go down on the original road by mountain bike. It's probably the coolest thing you're going to do in this country. During this excursion you go out with a guide. You rent a mountain bike and follow the guide. You will be given very strict instructions that you should adhere to.
Make sure you book the excursion with a reputable party. Then you know for sure that the bikes are in good condition. Do not take the cheapest party, but the best. Although it still doesn't hurt to check the bike, and especially the brakes. Also make sure that you don't sit too high on the bike. You must be able to easily reach the ground with your feet. This to be able to get off the bike quickly in an emergency.

A mountain biker on the Death Road in Bolivia.

The road is unpaved, often slippery due to rain and rivers. So watch your speed. This trip is more about enjoying the surroundings than about driving down this mountain, and yes, there are still fatalities today. But if you drive calmly, you get a lot in return. The view is unparalleled and the experience unique.
So ask on site about the possibilities of these excursions. And check the reputation of the provider online. Also make sure that the guide speaks good English if you don't speak Spanish, for example.

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