Lake Titicaca

Large, Deep Blue Lake in South America with Unique Inhabitants: the Uros

Lake Titicaca is on the border of Bolivia and Peru. You can visit the lake in both countries. Various excursions are offered to visit the lake and its unique inhabitants. In addition, you can hike some trails in this area.

It is one of the most famous lakes in South America. And by far the largest. At an altitude of 3,810 meters. These are the most special sights for your visit to Lake Titicaca.

The Uros

There are several islands in the deep blue Titicaca Lake. They are often referred to as the Uros Islands. You can visit them, where you can meet the indigenous people. These are the Uros, who have lived on the islands for centuries. Or actually, on the reed islands, they made themselves.

Nowadays they only live for tourists on the islands. This is because the moisture in the reed causes physical complaints such as arthritis. And so they now stay on the reeds for a few hours a day. They are in their traditional clothing and you are allowed to take pictures.

A Uros man in a reed boat in Lake Titicaca.

They sell some souvenirs and, for example, show them how they cook on the reeds. Which is very ingenious. Men also sail in their traditional reed boats. Which is perfect for beautiful iconic photos. You can sail for a small fee.

A visit to the Uros is a bit too touristy in my opinion. It has become more of an open-air museum. Although it is logical that the Uros no longer want to live on the reeds. And this is the only way to show their culture. The choice is yours whether you want to see this or not.

The Island of Taquile (Peru)

A man knitting on the island of Taquile in Lake Titicaca. ©Corno van den Berg

The island of Taquile is special. The colourful traditional clothing is not worn to attract tourists. While you do see men knitting here. But that’s for themselves. They do this so well that UNESCO has declared this craftsmanship a unique cultural object in the world.

You see men knitting everywhere. Even when they walk, for example. They make, among other things, the hats that they wear here on their heads. These hats have a function. These chullos indicate whether a man is married or single. Red and white means single, while red and pink stand for the status married.

In addition, they can express their feelings with the way they wear it. Can you imagine this island once was a prison of the Spaniards. You can easily visit the island.

The Island of Isla del Sol (Bolivia)

Hiking on the island of Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca.

The island of Isla del Sol is of great importance to the Incas. Here, following the legends of the Inca, their sun god Inti was born. Which started their civilisation. Nowadays you can hike on the hilly island. This gives you a different perspectives of Lake Titicaca.

Best Time for Lake Titicaca?

The best time to visit the lake and the islands is from April to November. In winter it is very cold, and the Uros leave the reed islands. It is, however, remarkably quiet and peaceful.

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