Located high in the Andes, with unique culture and remarkable nature

Bolivia is a country that speaks to your imagination. It is located high in the Andes, so its climate is a lot cooler than surrounding countries. When you travel around here you'll find that there is so much to discover. And that it's slightly different...

The first inhabitants of Bolivia were the Tiahuanacotas, who were expelled by the Incas around 1400. Who, in turn, more than a hundred years later, were cast out by the Spaniards.

In Bolivia you can wander through the mountains and the valleys. You can explore the Salar de Uyuni salt lakes and the Amazon rainforest in Madidi. But also the famous Lake Titicaca is worth paying a visit.

This immense lake with its famous reed is home to the Urus people. Nearby is the famous Tiwanaku site, a mysterious pre-Inca city. It has a mysterious history, as not much is known about its early inhabitants.

Finally, there is Noel Kempff Mercado National Park, a nature reserve in the high country with remarkably many wild animals. Touring the highlights of Bolivia is a special experience, and you’ll fall in love with this diverse country in South America.

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