Andes Mountains

South America's Largest Mountain Range Offers Countless Unique Attractions

The Andes is the largest mountain range in South America with mountains, glaciers, rainforests and countless other natural gems. This mountainous area is about 7,000 km long and 160 km wide in some places. It is a huge playground for nature lovers, rock climbers and hikers.

The Aconcagua is at 6,920 meters the highest mountain in this mighty mountain range. But there are many six-thousanders, as mountains above 6000 meters are called. As well as five-thousanders, etc. The challenges are around every corner, although you can also hike in the lower parts.

It is also where the Incas built their greatest cities, many of which you can visit.

This Mountain Range is Located in 7 Countries

You can visit the Andes in seven countries: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. In all these countries you have plenty of opportunities to go into the mountains and discover the countless highlights. The choice is yours. 

Travelling through the Andes Mountains

You can travel through it relatively easily, for example from country to country. Travelling from Chile to Argentina is very popular, as are Bolivia and Peru. It's up to you how you want to experience the mountains.

A trip to the Andes can be done in groups, but can also easily be done on your own with a guide. Or with your own 4x4 rental car, although you do have to prepare your trip well.

Wildlife in the Andes Mountains

The mountains are home to some special animals. Including the cougar, the Andean condor and the funny guanaco and vicuna. But there are still many animals such as chinchillas, several species of deer and countless birds.

Discover the Best Tips for the Andes Mountains