Cave Tubing in underground caves

Float down an underground river on an inflatable tube, in the heart of Belize

Cave Tubing is the perfect way to discover the limestone caves in Belize. At the entrance of the cave, the guide explains what the intention is. It is not extremely difficult.

In the heart of Belize you’ll find lots of limestone caves. Some of them have underground rivers in them, which you can float down using big inflatable tubes. You have to carry it through the rainforest first, after which you’ll hit the water following a guide.

Cave tubing tour

It’s a unique experience and an exciting way to explore the limestone caves. At the entry of the cave the guide will explain to you how it all works, it’s not very difficult. 

You slowly float down the river, which is often no deeper than one meter. If you’re lucky you might see some bats that live in the cave. And you should turn off your head lamp and listen to what you can hear in the pitch dark. 

Check the length of this tour

You can go on different kinds of tours, ranging from one hour to several days. Make sure you find out how long your tour goes for, to avoid disappointment.

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