The biggest Maya city of Belize, in the middle of the jungle

Caracol is an ancient Maya city in the rainforest of Belize. Interestingly enough, this excavation is not really known to the general public. What makes a visit extra fun.

The ruins of El Caracol can be found in the middle of the jungle of Chiquibi National Park. The ruins were discovered in 1936, but are still largely hidden in the rainforest. Most of it is not yet entirely restored, which makes them extra special.


The most remarkable structure is Canaa, the largest pyramid of El Caracol. It’s a palace dedicated to the heavens and is 42 meters high, it’s still one of the largest buildings in Belize.

Location of Caracol

You will find the ruins of Caracol in the hills of western Belize. This is in the Cayo district.

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