The Great Ocean Road runs along the south coast of Australia. It’s a 243-kilometer road located between Torquay and Warrnambool in the state of Victoria.

Drive the Great Ocean Road

You can easily drive it in one day, but it’s better to stop overnight to camp or park your campervan. There is not much light pollution here, so star gazing is really quite breath-taking. But so are the sunsets you can see from its many beaches.

Travelling along the Great Ocean Road inspires many people; the milky way, the quiet of the coast, and the ocean. You can see the beauty of the boats passing by, the clouds drifting past, and the water in constant motion, just like the night sky.

The Twelve Apostles

The cliffs are often called The Twelve Apostles. Actually, there are only eight left; the rest has collapsed. The rocks are made of sand-lime brick and rise from the sea in front of the Port Campbell National Park.

The reason is erosion and most likely the other rocks will disappear as well in the future. The rocks are named after the twelve apostles of Jesus, although it is not entirely clear why.

If you’re visiting Australia and driving the Great Ocean Road, you should really have a look at night.Then you can clearly see the diversity of this powerful area.

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