Visit the Flying Doctors

A unique aid agency that operates in the Australian Outback

The Flying doctors are known in all of Australia. You can visit this special aid organisation. And learn everything about how they help people who need it with small planes. You will also hear about the many heroic deeds they have performed. And of course you can support them financially.

The official name is Royal Flying Doctor Service, they became world famous because of the television series of the  name Flying Doctors. They still operate on the mainland of Australia. In Alice Springs, which for many is the starting point to Uluru, you can visit their base.

Visitor Centre of The Flying Doctors


If you visit Alice Springs to see world-famous Uluru, you will also be able to learn all about one of the most famous aid agencies in the world. 

There is a visitor centre at the Flying Doctors’ home base, where you can find out more about their rich history, as well as the many challenges they face. 

There are interactive tours and a flight simulator, in which you can experience what it’s like to have to land somewhere in the desert in an emergency. It’s more harrowing than you’d expect.

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