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Beautiful mix of Sahara, Atlas mountains en Mediterranean Coast

Algeria is not your everyday holiday destination, but its north-African culture, beaches and Roman history make this country worth a visit.

In Algeria, the Sahara, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlas mountains come together. It was the most southern border of the Roman empire, so it harbours intriguing Roman ruins as well.

All 5 Bucket List Tips in Algeria

M’zab Valley

M’zab Valley
The M’Zab Valley is rugged, intriguing and quite obscure. It’s the home of the Mozabites, a branch of the Berber tribe with a unique school of the Islamic faith: the Ibadi movement. They speak Mozabite, or Tumzabt, a Berber language that barely resembles other Berber languages.There are five fortified cities that were founded between 1012 and 1350, and they have ingenious underground systems to store their precious water.
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