Manta Ray

These large rays are called butterfly of the sea

The manta ray is an imposing appearance in the water. These graceful animals can grow up to seven meters long and almost fly through the water. Manta rays are at the top of the wish list of many divers and snorkelers, along with the whale shark.

The manta ray is the largest ray in the world. The animal is also called manta ray. Which, including tail, can reach more than 7 meters in length and more than three meters wide. These animals fly like birds, but underwater. Which makes a meeting special. And especially beautiful, when you realise that it is a special way of moving. The Latin name is manta birostris.

What does a manta ray eat?

Those animals are remarkably large, but their food is not. The menu consists mainly of tiny plankton, but also small fish. Which they fish for while swimming. Usually they do this with their mouths open.

Excursions to see manta rays

Regular diving and snorkeling excursions

You have two options for seeing manta rays. This can be done on a diving or snorkeling excursion where you have to be lucky. Although there are plenty of places where you have a good chance.

Special manta excursions

Special excursions are organised at various places to spot manta rays. I saw them in Hawaii on a special evening excursion. Where they gracefully make circles to bring in as much plankton as possible.

Various species of manta rays

Scientists now know that there are various types of manta rays. Who also exhibit different behaviour. And also, for example, traveling around a lot, or not. But further research is needed.

Best places to see the manta rays