Mexico's Caribbean Island

The island of Cozumel is off the coast of Mexico. It's a much-loved destination for sun lovers, divers and snorkel lovers. Besides its many beaches and coral reefs, you'll also find historic sites of the Maya and Toltec peoples.  

Best place for diving and snorkeling in Mexico

Cozumel is a tropical little paradise in Mexico. It’s a wonderful mix of beach life and coral reefs. And you can also find historic sites of the Maya people, as well as the lesser-known Toltec people. Especially the ruins of San Gervasio are worth a visit.

Lots of fish at Cozumel.

Many people believe that Cozumel is the best place for diving and snorkelling. Filmmaker Jacques Cousteau brought Cozumel to the world’s attention and has attracted many tourists to the area. There is a large reef near Cozumel with lots of tunnels, caves, coral and tropical fish.

The most famous dive spot is Palancar. This place is known for its steep drops and giant plateaus, where the turtles and rays like to hang out.

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