Maeklong Railway Market

The market on a railway in Thailand is unique in the world

The Maeklong Market in Thailand has gotten quite famous in the past years. In the Thai village of Samut Songkhram space is scarce. So the locals had to get creative. When you see the photos, you’ll understand why.

It is a daily ritual in Maeklong, a city in Thailand. But due to the lack of space, this wonderful solution has been invented. You'll see lots of fresh food is just next to the train tracks. But no worries, when a train is arriving it gets a bit hectic.

Visiting Maeklong Railway Market

Tourist gather when the train comes past. This happens around four times a day. That’s when all the stalls with fresh food get quickly packed away, so the train can pass.

You can visit the Maeklong Railway Market.

When the train has disappeared, the stalls are quickly set up again. It's a bizarre sight. The question is how that fish will taste that's lying next to the track. And the vegetables. And the fruit.

Fresh vegetables right next to the tracks.

The locals don’t understand what the tourist are so fussed about. For them, this is normal. They carry on with their activities once the train has gone.

Be aware!

This market is becoming more and more popular with tourists. Sometimes you see more tourists here than local residents. It is best to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The market is an hour's drive from Bangkok.