Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp

This is a unique concept

A floating camp in the Asian Jungle. That's Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp in Thailand. This is where luxury and ecology meet. You'll stay right on the water, in the middle of the jungle.

Elephant Hills is a unique place to stay. No wifi, but lots of nature. You wake up to the sounds of the rain forest. You’ll see birds fly over and you might spot a monkey.

The accommodation of Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp.

The beautiful lake Cheow Larn

This eco resort is located on Cheow Larn Lake. This is an oasis of peace in the green. I have been there and was surprised at the many animal sounds I heard from my tent. Both during the day and at night.

And some strange noises in the water. Fishes? As well as rustling in the dense undergrowth, which is a bit exciting. But the tent was closed tight, so nothing could happen.

The lake Cheow Larn in Thailand.

In the early morning I heard monkeys calling, it was wonderful to wake up. During the day I took a walk through the rainforest, where I saw countless birds. This is still nature in Asia as it once was. This tented camp is perfect for a moment of rest.

The sunset at Elephant Hills.

Oh, and the elephants at the camp have been rescued from the logging industry. They are not used for elephant rides, but they do get daily mud baths. You’re welcome to join them, but you don’t have to.

More information: www.elephanthills.com