James Bond Island

A world-famous island known for James Bond

James Bond Island is a world famous rock in Thailand. You may remember the gun scene between Roger Moore (James Bond) and Christopher Lee on the beach.

The island will almost make you feel like you’re a secret agent. But…it’s almost always busy here. The best time to get here is early in the morning, before it gets too crowded with tourists. The light in the afternoon is also not great for pictures.

Another option is to arrive in the early evening. And try to take a different photo than all the other tourists. Along the path to the beach you can take photos through the foliage of the trees, which will result in much more interesting photos.

The famous scene from the movie.

Best time for James Bond Island

The best tip is to be here early in the morning or it will be too crowded with tourists. If you arrive around noon, the light for photos is not really good anymore.

Another option is to arrive at nightfall. And try to take a different picture than most tourists do. I have also tried. There is a path through the forest that lies next to the famous rock.

The rugged surroundings of James Bond Island. ©Corno van den Berg

Along the footpath to the beach, you have various options for photographing through the canopy. Which results in completely different photos.

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