Valle Verzasca

Most Beautiful Mountain Valley in Europe?

Valle Verzasca is located in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. This valley recently became famous due to an impressive video on social media. The video shows the famous old bridge Ponte dei Salti in the village of Lavertezzo and the azure water. But this valley around the Verzasca River has much more to offer. This article describes the most beautiful sights in Valle Verzasca. In addition, I also share the excursions I have done during my visit.

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Unique spot with an Italian twist 

The Verzasca Valley is located in the south of Switzerland, but it also feels like Italy. The valley is best known for the ancient bridge, but there is much more to see here. It is a wonderful place to swim, walk and relax.

The end of the Verzasca Valley. ©Corno van den Berg

The valley is remarkably steep in many places. Therefore farmers could only grow grass for the cattle. That happened even on the steepest parts. Which you can still see. Nowadays many farmers have moved away and the trees are taking over the landscape. You can still see the traditional farms in various places.

There is one road through the valley; the Via Valle Verzasca. You can simply drive off, making numerous stops along the way. It can also be done by bus. Below you will find a selection of recommendations for your visit to the Verzasca Valley.

Ponte dei Salti Bridge

The famous Roman bridge of Verzasca. ©Corno van den Berg

Ponte dei Salti is the most popular of all in Valle Verzasca. This stone bridge spans the Verzasca River in two beautiful arches. The bridge is about 400 years old and it is an icon in the Alps. It is located in the town of Lavertezzo and looms up when you drive out of the village. You have to walk across the bridge to get to the lower part.

You will find countless rocks that have been cut into beautiful shapes by the water. In the remarkably clear water, you can see coloured pebbles. And you can swim. In the summer, the sun heats the mountain water, making it wonderfully pleasant. Be aware; there can be a current that can be tricky. It is best to swim in places where other people swim as well.

Verzasca Dam

The Verzasca dam is a must because the valley has a remarkable amount of water due to this dam. You will automatically encounter the dam when you enter the valley. It is an impressive structure, with a beautiful view over the valley. Note the ancient houses scattered on the steep hills. Some are abandoned, but others are still inhabited.


The town of Corippo. ©Corno van den Berg/ Drone

The village of Corippo is not along the main road but can be seen from the main road. The village is located on a hill and is one of the most beautiful in Switzerland. The hill here is very steep, so many authentic narrow houses are built on top of each other. The alleys are also narrow and steep. You can wander and take pictures. From the main road, there is an exit to Corippo, you can simply follow the signs.

Froda Waterfall

The most beautiful waterfall in Verzasca. ©Corno van den Berg/ Drone

The most beautiful waterfall in Verzasca is no less than 80 meters high. The water plunges over the rocks into the depths. You can also swim here, although the water is often very cold. In the summer it is often warm and the water is wonderfully cooling. The waterfall can be found at the end of the valley.

Accommodation in Valle Verzasca

I spent several nights in the canyon. I wanted to explore the canyon on foot, swim and especially experience the sunset and sunrise. You can stay in the villages in the valley, such as Brione, Sonogno and Gerra Verzasca

Nera Verzasca Goat

The Nera Verzasca goat is only found in this valley. They are strikingly black in colour and can be seen in countless places. All you have to do is listen for their "meh" blaring through the valley.

Sonogno Museum

The Ethnographic Museum of this valley is located in the village of Sonogno. Which is at the very end of the valley. In the museum, you can learn all about the history of the area, the people and the ways in which history is kept alive.

The Verzasca River. ©Corno van den Berg/ Drone

Hiking in Valle Verzasca

The Verzasca Valley Trail is a 24.7-kilometre hike through the valley. If you really want to experience this valley, this hiking trail is perfect for you. You leave the paved road and wander through grassy fields, forests and small villages.

Along the way, you will experience how life was and still is in this region. The starting point of this hike is at the Verzasca dam, via Corippo, of course along the Ponte dei Salti bridge and it ends in Sonogno.

Visiting Valle Verzasca

Within half an hour you drive from the famous Lake Maggiore to the Verzasca Valley. But you can't see it from the lake. It is hidden behind a hill with vines. Only when you cross the hill, you will see the valley. Take your time for this valley. When all the daily tourists are gone you really see how beautiful the gorge is.