Blausee in Switzerland; it is in the name. This striking clear blue lake is located in the Kander Valley at an altitude of 887 meters. It is a nature reserve (the name is Naturpark Blausee) where you can see trout swimming in the clear water. A lovely place near Kandersteg for a walk or a picnic.

Hiking to Lake Blausee

Once you have parked your car you can walk on a paved road to the lake, which is picturesquely set in the forest. However, there is also a kind of discovery trail through the forest. Where you walk between the trees and have to climb under rocks.

This trail is perfect for children as well as adults. And eventually, you will arrive at the lake. I think it’s the ideal way to get in the mood for this natural wonder.

Hiking along Lake Blausee.
Hiking along Lake Blausee. Corno van den Berg

The origin of Lake Blausee

Various springs and underwater flows feed the lake. You can actually see the water coming out from the bottom of the lake at various places. Geologists say that the lake was formed about 15,000 years ago by a collapse of rocks. Which also created the Kander Valley.

The origin of the clear blue water

Often it is assumed that the clear blue colour stems from minerals in the water. However, it is the light that makes this lake clear blue. How does this work? The colour red in the light is absorbed, while the colours green and blue, also part of the light, is reflected by the water.

The female Legend

The female sculpture below the surface of Lake Blausee.
The female sculpture below the surface of Lake Blausee. Corno van den Berg

There is another story on the origin of the clear blue colour of the lake. According to the local legend, the lake is clear blue because of the eyes of a young woman who mourned the death of her boyfriend by the lake.

In 1998 the artist Raffael Fuchs created a sculpture, resembling this legend. The sculpture was dropped into the lake and you can see it for yourself. Usually you can see trout swimming around it.

Hiking around Lake Blausee

You can find a trail around the lake. It is a fairly easy trail with a beautiful route through the surrounding forest. And a fantastic view of the lake. You will also cross a bridge that gives you a great view of the lake. From this point, you can for sure see the female sculpture.

Boat tour on Lake Blausee

The most popular tour is a boat tour on the lake. Together with a captain, you will float around the lake, where he will give you a lot of information on the lake.

A boat floating on Lake Blausee.
A boat floating on Lake Blausee. Corno van den Berg

Diving at Lake Blausee

During winter time it is possible to dive. From November to March, divers have the opportunity to hit the waters. You will have a sighting of approximately 15 meters and the temperature of the water is around 8 degrees Celsius. Besides many trouts, you can see the legendary sculpture from up close.

Best time to visit Lake Blausee

Any season is good to visit Lake Blausee. Due to the current, the lake will not freeze, but covered by snow you have a picturesque sighting.

During Spring and Summer, the lightning of the lake is very nice.

Be aware! It is a tourist spot so it can get crowded. Visit either early morning or very late afternoon, and avoid weekends and holiday season.

How to get to Lake Blausee?

You will find Lake Blausee close to the village of Kandersteg in Switzerland. You can easily reach it by bus. But as mentioned before, you can also hike there. Ask locally for the different options.

You will find a restaurant and a hotel at the lake. Perfect for lunch or drinks. If you choose to stay the night, you have the lake for yourself in the early mornings. Or late afternoon…

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