Thrill Walk

On the famous Schilthorn you can walk on glass next to a mountain wall

The Thrill Walk, the name speaks for itself. It's a very exciting walkway on the slopes of the Schilthorn mountain in Switzerland. You can walk along the cliffs on glass and steel structures, if you dare.

Tracks like these in the mountains are popular. You can find many of them all over Europe. One of those is the Thrill Walk at Birg Station in Switzerland, a 200-metre-long walkway made of glass and steel. It’s located in the Berner Oberland at 2.970 metre altitude.

Parts of the Thrill Walk are on glass. ©Corno van den Berg

What is the Thrill Walk?

The Thrill Walk is an attraction on the famous Schilthorn in Switzerland. This path literally hangs on the rocks. Making you feel like you're floating. Which can be a bit scary. The walking path is made of steel, and is attached to the mountain wall. Which can feel a bit scary. I had that too when I did the Thrill Walk.

To make matters worse, the bottom is made of glass in some places. So that you can look hundreds of meters into the depth. Not everyone dares to walk on this, although you cannot happen because of the armed glass. Yet.

The climbing part

Climbing on your hands and feet at the Thrill Walk. ©Corno van den Berg

And as if that isn’t enough, there are sections in the walkway where you have to crawl through a tunnel made of steel cable, or balance on a single cable. But the views are definitely the biggest drawcard.

What is the entrance fee of the Thrill Walk?

Entry to the Thrill Walk is free. Although you have to come here first of course. The easiest way is the cable car to the Schilthorn, where you have to get off at Birg.

Visiting Thrill Walk

You can reach the Schilthorn on foot, but also via a cable cart. The best time is in the early morning or late afternoon, and even on a cloudy day it’s definitely worth a visit.