Lake Bohinj

The other famous lake in the Mountains of Slovenia

Lake Bohinj is one of the most beautiful lakes in Slovenia. It is located in the Bohinj valley and can easily be reached. It is the biggest lake in the country, measuring 4.5 km long and 1 km broad.

The lake is located in the Triglav National Park. It is also the starting point for the hike to the Savica Waterfall, which flows into Lake Bohinj. The Sava Bohinjka River also flows into the lake. This stunning llake is located near the town of Jessenice and is beautiful in every season. These are the most beautiful places to visit around the lake and the immediate surroundings.

The Church

The church in winter.

When you arrive at the lake you will see the church on the right. John the Baptist Church is located on the eastern tip of the lake. The church is more than 700 years old, as  is part of the stone bridge over the lake. It is built in Roman style, although you can also see Gothic elements. You can visit the church. Inside you will find well preserved frescoes. There is also a carved head of John the Baptist from 1380. Just in front of the church you have a very small beach, where you are allowed to sit down.

Savica Waterfall

The Savica Waterfall.

The trek to the Savica Waterfall is the most popular trip. Savica Slap, or Savica waterfall, is the source of Lake Bohinj. The height of this waterfall is 78 meters. Savica is extremely spectacular after rain. It's a little smaller in the summer, but it's still lovely.

There is a walking path that leads to the waterfall, with many overlooks along the way. Take the time to go on this hike; it's well worth it. The walking path may be found near the far end of Lake Bohinj. The course is 1.6 kilometers long and simple.

Mount Vogel and the cable car

Mount Vogel and Lake Bohinj seen from the cable car. ©Corno van den Berg

Vogel is a steep mountain next to Lake Bohinj. The cable car will take you up the mountain, providing a beautiful view of the lake and surrounding region. You can stroll well at the summit, with various views of the lake. There is also a chairlift for those who want to go even higher. When you visit the lake, you will notice signs directing you to the cable car.

The Chamois on the Rock: Zlatorog

The cast iron chamois on a stone is well known and easily recognized. This animal, known locally as Zlatorog, is the subject of a tale. The animal, according to tradition, had golden horns, as seen in the photograph. The gold, on the other hand, draws hunters. Zlatorog is seriously injured by a hailstorm, and he bleeds profusely.

An alpine rose blooms instantly at the place of the blood. Zlatorog consumes the flower and becomes eternal as a result. The golden horns blind the hunter, causing him to tumble into a ravine. The animal is dissatisfied with humans and now lives alone in the woodlands surrounding Lake Bohinj. Maybe you'll run across him on your walk.

Mostnica Gorge

The elephant in Mostnica Gorge.

The Mostnica Gorge is not well-known. This gorge is about 8 kilometers from Lake Bohinj, after passing through the village of Stara Fuzina. There is a walking path that runs through the gorge. The Elephant Rock is the most well-known, and it's easy to understand why.

The trail follows the river, and there are some potholes along the way. You can take the same way back, but you can also go around the opposite side. There is a bridge that allows you to cross the river.

Hiking Trails

Hiking along Lake Bohinj.

There are a variety of hiking routes available here, ranging from simple to challenging. The most popular trek is the 11.1-kilometer-long Bohinj Lake Trail. This walk takes you all the way around the lake, mostly along the coastline. This trek may easily be combined with the climb to the Savica waterfall. The signage will be visible along the route. The trek has a height difference of 160 meters.

Swimming in the lake

Swimming in het cold lake. ©Corno van den Berg

Several individuals may be seen swimming in the lake throughout the summer. The water is cool, but the sun warms it. The back section is quite popular. The surroundings are lovely, which adds to the enjoyment of this swim.


There are numerous campsites along the lake. They have numerous locations on the water, however these are the most popular. Camping Bohinj and Camping Danica Bohinj are the most well-known.

Visiting Lake Bohinj

Visiting Lake Bohinj in autumn. ©Corno van den Berg

You may visit this lake at any time of year. I've visited in the spring and October. The atmosphere is quite different, with the discoloured leaves being particularly lovely in fall.

It can get crowded during peak season and on weekends, which detracts from the easygoing vibe. It is advisable to leave early in the morning. Alternatively, at the conclusion of the day. Even so, it's considerably quieter.