Wanted: Photographer to Capture the Northern Lights in Iceland

Are you a good photographer? And do you have time around September and October? Then this might be something for you. The well-known Icelandic Hotel Rangá is looking for an 'official Northern Lights Catcher'. What you need to do is what every traveller wants...

Sometimes you come across the most beautiful jobs on the internet. I think I have a great job myself, but there are more. Like this one in mighty Iceland. Hotel Rangá is a luxury resort in the southwest of the island.

You get a room in the hotel for free, three meals a day, while also paying for your flights to Iceland. Oh, and you can also use the outdoor jacuzzi. In addition, you can also explore the island.

And what do you have to do? You just have to take pictures and videos of Iceland and the Northern Lights. And of course, you can share your adventures and photos through the hotel's social media channels.

The requirements:

You must be available for three consecutive weeks in the period from September to October. The Northern Lights are difficult to predict, so you have to go for a longer period of time. In addition, the intensity of the dancing curtains fluctuates. The dates of your trip are determined in consultation.

Stargazing observatory

The hotel has a special observatory to watch the sky. This is for the Northern Lights as well as for the stars. There are special stargazers to scan the sky. But it is also a place to look at the sky without light pollution.

How to apply?

You can apply directly via the website of Hotel Rangá.