Two Sagrada Familia Towers Are Finally Finished

The Sagrada Familia's Twitter account shared images of the completion of the building's two newest towers on Saturday. An ox and a lion are placed on top of two of the six central towers of the world-famous basilica in Barcelona. They are placed on the towers of Mark and Luke. These evangelists both have their own tower in Sagrada Familia. Due to the placement of the new sculptures, the towers have reached their highest point; 135 meters. The four towers of the evangelists surround the tower of Jesus Christ.

With this, the longest-running construction project in the world is finally coming to an end. Many visitors have already expressed their appreciation for the two new towers. The latest plan is that the Sagrada Familia will be finished somewhere around 2026 after more than 140 years of construction. Then the creation by architect Antoni Gaudí is finally finished.

Watch the Video: