Stray Dog Helps Children Cross The Street Safely

You know some dogs chase after every car with lots of barking. So does this stray dog in the city of Batumi in Georgia. He has been doing it for a long time, but the local population started to see some unusual behaviour in the dog. More often, he went to stand at a street crossing to bark at oncoming cars. Because in Georgia many cars do not stop, even though it is a street crossing.

The dog has quickly become a local celebrity in Georgia. He has since been given a name: Kupata. And is becoming more and more popular. He now regularly gets food from the residents who are happy with its help. Many children like that he helps them cross the road. Videos are now surfacing on the internet of Kupata letting motorists know that he is guarding the crossing. He does it with a lot of barking so that he is heard well. 

The images of Kupata are going around the internet and he is getting a lot of positive reactions. He even has his own Facebook page and merchandise.

Watch the video's of Kupata: