Longest Train in the World Rides through Alps in Switzerland

An almost 2-kilometer-long train set a world record in Switzerland. The longest passenger train in the world travelled through the Alps, including the famous Landewasser viaduct, which is part of UNESCO. In addition to many tourists, there were seven drivers and 21 technicians on board. The attempt was part of the celebration of the 175th anniversary of the Swiss railways.

The Swiss railway company Rhaetian Railway broke the world record with the longest train in the world. The 1.9-kilometre train travelled on a well-known route through the Alps in Switzerland. The old record of the longest train of the Belgian railways from 1991 has been broken by almost 200 metres. Images of the long train in the Swiss mountains are now circulating the internet.

A Ride through UNESCO World Heritage

The train departed from Preda to Bergün in the afternoon. This is a 25-kilometre-long route full of bends, tunnels and bridges, including the famous Landwasser viaduct. The Swiss railway was listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2008 and is very popular with tourists. This train journey is therefore considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

The train weighed almost 3,000 tons and consisted of no less than 25 trainsets of four carriages each. The long train took about 46 minutes to complete the route. Passengers could buy a ticket for this historical ride, although there were also more than 3,000 people along the route. Because yes, it is a special sight, isn't it?

Watch the Longest Passanger Train: